Speaker Packages

Best Sound Systems & Speaker Packages for any Event

We supply all types of high-quality compact Speaker sound systems in Dublin, Ireland for all types of events. We also hire wireless microphones, playback equipment, podium microphones, recording devices, and much more. If you do not see what you require, give us a call.

12″ YAMAHA DXR12 950W Active PA Speaker

Hire Fee: €50 + delivery

15″ YAMAHA DXR15 1100W Active PA Speaker

Hire Fee: €50 + delivery

2 x 15″ DAP audio loudspeaker: speakers 600/1200W

Hire Fee: €50 (requires amp) + delivery


DAP audio: Folded Horn Active Bass Bin 15″ 600/1200W

Hire Fee: €50 + delivery

DAP Pure Series Speackers

Hire Fee: €50 (requires amp) + delivery

Dap pure series speakers

We have lots of equipment available…

  • PIONEER RX1 XDJ-R1: is the all-in-one dream: the union of CD/USB decks, DJ software control, a top-flight mixer
  • PIONEER XDJ-RX: is the perfect marriage of two USB-driven players, a 2-channel mixer, pad control, and a large screen with dual waveform display,
  • Pair – Pioneer CDJ 900 NEXUS:  cd players with Pioneer DJM 700 mixer,
  • Pair – Pioneer CDJ 2000 NEXUS: cd players with Pioneer DJM 900 mixer,
  • Pair – Pioneer CDJ 2000: cd players with Pioneer DJM 2000 mixer.
  • PIONEER DJ MIXERS: DJM 700, DJM 800, DJM 900 and DJM 2000,
  • PIONEER:  RMX 1000 Remix station,
  • Pair – DAP 215 MKII:  Full range tops with DAP 1200 Ws amp.
  • Pair Peavy 15 \”:  Full range tops with W-audio DA 500 Ws amp.
  • YAMAHA DXR 15 \”: Active 1100 W multi-function PA speaker,
  • YAMAHA Mixing deck’s: MG 10, MG 16
  • Mobile Speaker – Good for using with portable devices MP3, CDPlayer, iPhone, Smart Phone, Microphone.
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